Public Safety In Contra Costa Is Priority #1

Violent and property crimes have been on the rise and will likely continue post pandemic. We need to focus on crime prevention and help foster environments and organizations that reduce crime from occurring. When crime occurs, we need to attack it with resources, technology and good ole fashion investigative police work. Crime analysis and prioritizing personnel deployment and investigations are critical to reducing crimes. Reducing response times to calls, evaluating the entire county wide patrol response for efficiency. In our unincorporated areas many residents complain they do not receive adequate law enforcement response or coverage. This must change.

I will enhance the Investigations Division with technology and staff. Crimes leave victims and those victims deserve the proper time and attention during follow up investigations. I will ensure all crimes are thoroughly investigated and completed in a timely manner.  I will commit to that my office will seek appropriate charging rates and proper convictions.  It is imperative that my office reduce bias and focus on building community trust to increase public safety.