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Increasing Contra Costa Deputies on patrol

Currently, most of the Sheriff Deputies within the Sheriff’s Office work in jails or court security. Most are not certified within Office to work out in the community on patrol. This has led to major service disruptions and slow response to 911 calls. There are just not enough deputies on the street to keep you safe. Most deputies who are certified to work patrol throughout the County work a mandatory 50 hours of overtime a month.

This is not sustainable, nor is it quality management of resources. Too many have complained throughout Contra Costa that Sheriff Patrol services have not been adequate. Public Safety is #1, crime is on the rise and the current Sheriff has offered no new solutions to this problem. This is not a deputy problem; this is a management problem.

As Sheriff, I will use pay incentives to push current deputies to be certified for patrol, thus increasing the service to our contract cities and unincorporated patrol responsibilities.

As Sheriff, I will require all new hired deputies to be patrol trained and certified. If they cannot pass this simple aspect of law enforcement, they will not work for the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office.


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