Being Bold To Improve Public Safety

Crime is socially/economically driven. Many of our neighbors are struggling to obtain the resources needed to support their families. The Sheriff needs to join justice system partners to advocate at the local and state level for the expansion of homeless outreach, social services, mental health, and drug rehabilitation to provide people the help they need to be healthy and productive members of the community.

We must also look to supporting different pathways to mental health response without law enforcement. We need to support law enforcement training, gun violence prevention, take on unlawful gun possession to name just a few. Law enforcement in our society has become the default response for far too many issues, this must change. Politicians for too long have neglected to address the root issues of crime and have simply dumped all these societal responsibilities onto law enforcement. I want to work with others to ensure an understanding of what law enforcements true responsibilities are: 911 emergency response, crime prevention and criminal investigation. We do not need to defund the police; we need to change how and what police do.