Ending Recidivism, Efficient Offender Reentry and Jail Safety

When someone is incarcerated in our county jail, it should never equate to unsafe conditions. The incarcerated continue to be members of our society and as such deserve the appropriate level of safety and care the government is required to provide. Due process is a founding principle in America. Often, we forget that many people incarcerated in county jails have not been sentenced and they deserve their due process. As Sheriff, I will ensure this high standard is upheld. We need to examine policies for in-custody misdemeanors, low-level felonies, property crimes, narcotics etc.

We need to encourage the incarcerated via time credit to participate in education programs and provide robust reentry services in collaboration with community partners. The bottom line is incarceration at times is necessary to protect public safety in our society. Incarceration is expensive, not just economically, but socially.  Once the incarcerated have served their time, it is incumbent upon us to ensure people are provided with the necessary resources to help them integrate back into society.  We need to make sure they have access to mental/physical health professionals, housing services, and employment resources. We must do everything we can to interrupt the cycle of incarceration and I commit myself and the Sheriff’s Office to working towards that goal.